Privacy policy

Aqualab is committed to securing your data and keeping it confidential, in accordance with the governing law. When you visit the Aqualab website, we may collect the following data: name, surname, phone number and email address. Using our website means that you have read and agreed for the website to use the data it collects regarding your online behavior while browsing.

The data we collect is used to customize our website to your needs. That includes getting in touch with customers, acquiring analytical data about the site’s usage, arranging possible job interviews, and alerting customers about upgrades, special offers and other new services from Aqualab.

By using the website you consent to this policy. We at Aqualab take your privacy seriously. To protect your privacy, Aqualab follows principles and laws in accordance with worldwide practices for customer privacy and data protection.

Aqualab occasionally allows our partner companies to offer our customers information about their products and services. This process is regulated through privacy protection contracts between us and our partners.

Should you no longer desire to disclose your information, you can write to us. If you feel like there has been a breach in your privacy, you can act upon standard legislative policies and demand full transparency.


Aqualab website uses cookies to collect information and improve our service. Cookies are files that contain data used as an anonymous unique identifier. These files are sent to your browser from the website you visit. Your computer’s hard drive stores them each time this process occurs.

Aqualab uses cookies to collect information about how you use our website. This data helps us optimize our website and make it easier for you to navigate.

You can manage the use of cookies from your browser by accepting some or all of them. You can find additional information about cookies available here:

Our website uses Google Analytics. For any third-party cookie policies, users are advised to visit Google Analytics. We may also partner with selected third-party vendors to allow tracking technologies and remarketing services on the Site. More information about Google Analytics can be found at:

The pages on the site use the marketing automation system. System cookies are used to track an individual visitor to a website. They allow Aqualab to better understand the behavior of site visitors through the use of web analytics. Terms of use for the function of remarketing and advertising materials on the Internet (Google AdWords remarketing). Leased forms for advertising on the Aqualab website enable re-display (directly or by activating the leased form) to visitors of the listed pages of the characteristics of their services. Advertising of this type can be done on the entire Internet network without restrictions on the initial purpose of the site, its origin, activity or appearance. Remarketing is be used in situations in which the display of new content would be shown exclusively to visitors who had previously accessed the pages on which it was advertised, ie. visitors to whom the original message has already been displayed. When advertising online, Aqualab uses multiple channels to distribute ads and advertising messages. The advertising message is displayed on websites across the Internet through portals and / or websites allowing advertising networks to place ad blocks through which advertising networks (including Google) place ads. Ads are displayed based on the content displayed on the pages where the ad units appear. As advertising is intended exclusively for people with predefined characteristics, and who are familiar with the materials of services that are remarketed, as a confirmation of existing knowledge about the subject of remarketing is the existence of a specific cookie whose presence in the Internet browser activates the process of re-advertising. If any person who is a visitor to the website whose content may lead to the activation of the re-advertising process does not want to use cookies in the above manner, they can disable their use by activating a setting on their browser that allows the User to set all or some cookies.

You can find more information about Google AdWords remarketing at:

and regarding Facebook retargeting, you can find more information at:

Updates to the privacy policy

The owner of the website has the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted in a timely manner. All users will be informed about important changes and additions in a timely manner.