Our laboratory was founded in 2002. when it received a permit issued by The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. We were the first private laboratory in the country to be given the authorization to perform genetic testing.

Over the years, we have developed into an extensive network of laboratories across the region. In 2012, we partnered up with Synlab GmbH & Co. KG, Europe’s leading provider of laboratory diagnostic services.

Why Aqualab?

Our state of the art laboratories were designed for optimized efficiency, incorporating the latest technology in compliance with all local, federal and national laboratory standards.

Our lab equipment and facility resources were manufactured by the leading companies, such as Roche, Siemens, Sysmex, Zeiss, Horiba, Awareness technology, Orgentech, and bioMerieux. The network of our laboratories is secured through an information system based on barcode sampling, implying our procedures leave no grounds for human error.

The strategic partner of Aqualab Laboratories is the German Synlab – Europe’s leader in the field of laboratory diagnostics. The Synlab Group operates over 300 laboratories in 35 countries across 4 continents. This collaboration allows our customers a choice of over 4000 highly specific lab tests.

Aqualab laboratories pay special attention to the preservation and protection of the environment. For that purpose, and in compliance with the legal regulations in the field of ecology, we implement adequate procedures for the disposal of medical waste.

Mission – Vision – Goals

Our mission is to provide supreme healtcare service and ensure reliability, accuracy and integrity for every patient. We are dedicated to providing accurate testing services and continuously meet the expectations of our customers through day-to-day interactions. We aim at continual improvement of our services and our portfolio.

Our vision is to create future options for continued expansion of our facilities and become the leader in the field of laboratory diagnostics in the region.

Our goal is designed to give each client the best possible experience with the hopes of exceptional customer service.