Aqualab CEO – Siniša Vučinić

Hematological and biochemical laboratory – AQUALAB

AQUALAB Laboratories is committed to maintaining a quality management system to support high-quality laboratory accreditation, testing services and external quality assessment through applicable statutory, regulatory and contractual national and international requirements.

The implementation of our quality policy is done through:

Measurable goals set by the management.

Compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and commitment to good professional practice and the quality of its testing in servicing the customers.

Establishing, implementing and maintaining the testing service that meets the needs of the clientele.

Regular audits that secure the accuracy of the service as advocated by external quality assessment.

A continual commitment of our employees to meet and understand our clients’ needs.

Recurrent review and training of all employees.

Planned procuring with verified contractors, securing quality testing services.

Maintaining a high level of staff technical and scientific competence.

Timely response and management of customer complaints.

Efficient management of potential lab results discrepancies.

Laboratory personnel who are familiar with the Quality Policy and implement it in the workplace. They are provided with the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to perform laboratory operations and testing.

A procedure that enables the protection of our users’ privacy and confidentiality.

All procedures are governed by our company’s policy, proposed by the management and approved by the company’s CEO.

Laboratory’s top management hereby declares to implement national and international standards of laboratory practice, while simultaneously securing transparency and availability of AQUALAB quality policy.

Quality policy is reassessed annually, as part of the continuous improvement process.

Core values

Aqualab operates under the following values:

– to respect good laboratory practice (GLP)
– to look for new opportunities to improve our care and service
– to meet high standards of work achieved by operating a quality system that meets the requirements of the German TÜV SÜD Quality Assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2015.
– to undergo systematic auditing, both internal and external
– to implement the international testing protocols
– to produce fast and accurate lab test results
– to assist customers to meet their objectives
– to provide a wide range of standard and specific testing services.